Campion Academy, a Christian boarding school, draws in students from all over the country.  Its long history is supported by a strong Alumni Association.  One of the Alumnus made a donation to restore the old Hankins Hall and to add a new entrance tower. The new addition will add a much needed elevator to access Hankins Hall and the boy’s dorm.  Open Air Design is working alongside the building committee to develop an attractive but yet functional grand entrance to these buildings.

For the remodel of Hankins Hall, both faculty and the student body weighed in on the design and provided Open Air Design a strong programming check list.  The newly remodeled building now houses a student center in the basement, revamped chapel and Alumni center on the second floor, and classrooms, kitchen, and library on the third.

The students, faculty and Alumni were excited to tour the remolded Hankins Hall this past fall and look forward to the new changes to the campus.

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