The Boulder Seventh-day Adventist church has been serving its local community on the hill for many generation and as the church congregation aged, their needs grew. As Open Air Design helped walk through different design and phasing options with the congregation and church leader, it was apparent that the church desired to grow in phases.

Open Air Design researched the allowable grow restrictions for the unique site and constructed a phasing plan that mapped out the churches’ future growth process. The new space will make room for better accessibility, upgraded kitchens and baths, offices and a large gathering space for around 220 people.

Located at the mouth of Sunshine Canyon, near hiking and biking trails, the church intends to provide shaded outdoor gathering spaces for the recreational uses to meet relax and cool off in a public park setting. Other areas of the new building addition will be designed for the neighborhood to take advantage of in hopes to create a community friendly facility.

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