Nestled in the dense woods just outside of Dallas, TX, Briarwood Retreat Center is a quaint get-away for many. Situated on 72 acres, Briarwood has been serving youth campers and adult retreats since 1978 when the property was first acquired. Briarwood is the main retreat facility for the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Mission Area Lutheran ministry.

A recent initiative called Disciple Life Alive is focused on bridging the gap between the retreat center and the Mission Area offices, to create a more unified center for missions. This initiative supports the construction of a Mission Center at Briarwood and new offices for Briarwood and Disciple Life Alive staff.

Working with Briarwood, Open Air Design has created a Master Plan that incorporates the new Mission Center, new office building and a 10-year plan for the growth of the property. This plan creates an iconic central pond that will not only add value to the property, but also helps separate the adult and youth. The central road has been shifted to the perimeter to allow for a pedestrian-only green-belt that winds throughout central camp. Minor recommendations have also been made that will help shield maintenance-type facilities and allow guests a more pleasant experience.
Using our ministry background along with strong Master Planning experience, we were able to collaborate with all of the involved parties and make our best recommendations for the property. Along with Briarwood and Disciple Life Alive staff, we are excited to see the ministry flourish as these plans come to fruition!

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